Weight Loss

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Diet’s Don’t Work


Losing weight is hard, keeping it off is even harder. To truly be successful in your weight loss journey you need to make exercising and eating properly part of your life, not a diet that you do for a few weeks and then gain weight back. We partner with you to teach you how to adapt a healthy lifestyle while keeping you accountable and on track.

We aren’t going to argue with that statement. Diet’s don’t work, I bet everyone reading this can attest to that. Diet’s restrict what you can eat, that usually means you don’t get to have what you enjoy. As a result, you binge on your favorite foods, or completely ditch the diet and indulge. That is why, when people diet, they lose weight but they end up gaining most of, if not all, of the weight back over time.

Every one of our programs is specially tailored to each individual client. We take the time with each client to get to know them, find out what has worked and, more importantly, what hasn’t worked and why. We work with you to change your lifestyle, not just your diet. Our program isn’t just for people who are overweight or obese, it’s for everyone. Whether you are looking to lose the baby weight, or slim down before summer or just learn to live a healthier lifestyle, we can partner with you.


What’s the Difference Between Your Program and Other Weight Loss Programs


Accountability, the one thing both our programs and other weight loss programs share. What happens when you complete the program and that program keeping an eye on you and keeping you accountable goes away? Will you stay on the program as before, or cheat just a little this time, and maybe a little more next time. Before you know it, you are back were you are started.

We will keep you accountable while you’re working with us, but we teach you what you need to know to keep yourself accountable for your lifestyle. This new lifestyle includes eating properly (it will no longer be referred to as a diet, because it isn’t), exercising, learning to set goals and achieve them, and most important, how to keep yourself accountable.

Our Philosophy


It has always been Dr. Mike’s philosophy, in all aspects of medicine, people will follow your instructions if they know why things are happening and how things work. He brings the same philosophy into this program.

We teach you how your body works, how different foods are processed, what is the proper level of exercise for you, how to reach your goals, and most importantly, how to deal with not achieving your goals but keep going.

We use education, meal planning, exercise planning, supplements, vitamins and medications to get you on your path to success. Think of our program like a pair of training wheels on a bike, you need us until you learn to do everything yourself, then there’s no looking back.

We want you to join our program once, reach your goals and learn these important health and life skills, then go out and succeed on your own. Other programs set you up for failure because they know when you fail, you will come back to their program.