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Restore the Natural Beauty

our skin takes a beating every day. It is our first line of defense against the environment around us. Every day our skin protects us from UV radiation from the sun, oxidative damage, toxins and chemicals from pollution and anything else that we come in contact with. This causes the skin to take a beating and can cause the skin to appear damaged, course and in extreme cases, leathery. We can help remove some of that damaged skin and help restore the natural beauty to your skin.

Cool Peel CO2 Laser Resurfacing

CO2 lasers have become notorious in the aesthetic  field due to the discomfort, downtime and risks related to traditional CO2 lasers. We have brought in a unique technology that can perform CO2 laser resurfacing but without the discomfort, risk of scaring or downtime. We are proud to be one of the only providers in the region to offer the Cool Peel. This treatment is a very superficial CO2 laser resurfacing treatment. It removes the top few layers of skin, causing resurfacing and smoothing of superficial lines, wrinkles and skin damage, but leaves the deeper layers intact which decreases downtime. This treatment does not induce pain like a traditional CO2 laser, the sensation with this treatment is similar to getting a sunburn that dissipates shortly after treatment. This treatment has almost no downtime, after the procedure your skin may be slightly red with some “frosting” appearance of the skin, this usually dissipates in 24-36 hours after treatment. Another benefit of this treatment is, because we are not going deep into the dermis, we can still apply products to the skin to help cover the redness. We can apply a specialized tinted sunscreen that will help conceal the redness but also protect your skin from further sun damage. The day following the procedure the skin may feel a little rough but within 36 hours your skin will be smoother with less dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles.

Sunspot Treatment & Photofacial

If the sun has left you with sun spots on your skin we have an answer for you. We use an IPL laser at specific wavelengths to help decrease the appearance of those spots. The wavelength will specifically target the melanin of the dark spot and will destroy it, over the next week the body’s natural “clean-up crew” will come and remove the rest of the pigment. We can treat spots or do a photofacial which will help decrease the appearance of any broken vessels or capillaries as well as eliminate any dark spots. With a photofacial we can treat the entire face, neck and chest quickly to leave you with a smoother, more uniform, skin tone.

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