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Skin Tightening

Loose skin is an inevitable part of aging due to the reduction and aging of collagen in our body's. We are able to help tighten skin, reduce loose sagging skin by stimulating collagen regeneration and rejuvenation

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Radiofrequency Microneedling

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling combines two treatments, that are great for skin tightening individually, into one treatment. The microneedling portion of this procedure causes a slight injury to the skin and underlying tissues which stimulates the body to produce more collagen rich tissue, the production of these new tissues causes the skin to tighten and also leaves a more even texture and tone. We deliver RF energy deep into the tissue in conjunction with the microneedling, the RF energy produces heat and stimulates cutaneous collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production in order to reduce the appearance of loose skin.

Frequently asked questions

Commercial Title Insurance

With over a century of combined experience, Riverway Title Company’s commercial division has the knowledge and expertise to handle your most complex commercial transactions ranging in scope from multi-family, office, retail, condominium, industrial properties, land acquisitions, construction loans and permanent loan refinances in any state in the USA. Each member of our staff is dedicated to giving every transaction expert attention and exceptional service in order to ensure a successful, accurate and efficient closing.

Residential Title Insurance

Riverway Title Company’s experienced and reliable residential team is dedicated to providing the attention to detail and excellent customer service needed to ensure your transaction closes as quickly and efficiently as possible. As your trusted advisor, we work closely with you in order to customize our service to suit the specific needs of each transaction. It is our goal to provide consistent communication to all parties throughout the closing process and to create an exceptional experience from contract to close.

Escrow and Settlement Services

Riverway Title Company provides escrow and settlement services for a wide variety of real estate transactions, acting as an impartial third party executing the instructions of all parties involved, and ensuring that your transactions get to closing day as quickly and efficiently as possible. You may rely on our experienced escrow and settlement agents to monitor and coordinate all of your transaction details and to carry out the instructions of all parties with accuracy and efficiency. Escrow and settlement services are available for commercial, residential and lender transactions.

Limited Title Search

A limited title search is a simple report that can be used in a refinance transaction, a determination of ownership, for obtaining equity loans or simple title reports. This kind of title report usually includes searches for property liens, liens against the owner and the other parties on title, and searches for bankruptcy proceedings against the owner of the property.

Lien Search

Before investing in residential or commercial property, ask our team of professionals to remove your uncertainty by conducting a lien records search. A lien search will determine if state or federal tax collection agencies have placed a lien on the property. A lien indicates that the owner may owe back taxes on the property, and until these taxes are paid, the owner may not be able to sell the property. While you can offer to pay back taxes as part of the sale price, it is best to carefully consider your options as the amount owed may not justify your financial investment in the property. Whether you are searching for tax liens, judgment liens, mechanic liens, the most recent type of vesting deed, or any other type of public record and/or lien, we have the experience and resources to provide you with comprehensive search results that will save you time and money.

Keep Glowing Medical Spa

Plasma Pen

Utilizing our plasma pen, we can perform a non-surgical lift & skin tightening procedure. Results from this treatment can be expected to last 3-5 years! When combined with other skin tightening procedures and preventive measures (i.e. sunscreen) clients get surgical-like results for a fraction of the cost, a fraction of the downtime, and much less pain.

Frequently asked questions

How does the plasma pen/fibroblast treatment work?

During this treatment we utilize plasma energy to disrupt the top layer of the skin via rapid heating of the top, and underlying layers of the skin. A crust will then form over this lesion encasing the tiny microtrauma channel. Within this channel you have activation of fibroblasts and collagen cells and as these channels heal you are left with tighter, lifted and resurfaced skin.

How much downtime can I expect?

There is no pain or discomfort that will affect your ability to perform your regular activities, but you will have dark crusts that will take 7-10 days to fall off. During the healing time, before the crust falls off, you cannot apply makeup or lotions aside from the recommended aftercare kit we provide you with. Once the crusts fall off you will be left with fresh, pink skin, makeup and lotion can be applied at this point.

Does it hurt?

This treatment is uncomfortable without anesthetic. We have every client apply topical anesthetic 30-45 minutes before they arrive for their procedure and then we will re-apply anesthetic when you arrive to assure proper numbing.

How long will it take to see results?

You can see small changes after the procedure but it will take 8-12 weeks to see the full results.

Can I remove the crusts after treatment?

NO! Removing the crusts will cause scarring and discoloration to occur. We instruct you to not pick these lesions, do not scrub the face or use any abrasive washes on the face. You will also be instructed to pat your face dry instead or rub.

How longs will my results last?

You can expect 3-5 years of results after this procedure.

How many treatments are needed?

Typically clients will be satisfied after one treatment. Those who have very laxed or damaged skin may require a second treatment.

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