Recovery Support

Keep Glowing Medical Spa

Injuries Happen


It doesn’t matter if you are 10, 20 or 50 years old, injuries happen. A sprained ankle, broken bone or torn muscle is the same injury no matter what the age. As we age it takes longer to recover from injuries, some injuries cause pain we feel forever, some injuries require surgery and a long course of rehab.

It’s no lie that as we age, our bodies don’t heal the same way as when we were younger. Changes in body composition, flexibility and hormone levels cause us to heal differently as we age. Don’t let that old shoulder injury keep you from performing at you highest level.


Bounce Back Quicker

  • Ankle sprains, torn ligaments, pulled muscles and pulled muscles all take longer then we want to heal. There is more to the healing equation than rest, ice, compression and elevation, we have the missing parts of that equation. It doesn’t matter if you landed wrong on your ankle while playing basketball or tripped going up the stairs, we can help you get back to where you were, sometime better then where you were, before your injury.

  • Our balanced treatments help fight inflammation, reduce muscle spasm and cramping, and improve strength. We enhance your body’s ability to deliver healing nutrients and building blocks to not only injured parts of your body, but your whole body which will help prevent future injury. We take the time to read the research that proves the best treatments for healing and we bring them to you in an easy to follow package to get you back in the game!