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Gyms in New Jersey have been closed since March 16th, that’s 142 days and no timeframe for reopening them anytime soon. If you’re like me you feel like your body has turned to mush, your muscles feel soft and not nearly as tight, you put on a little unwanted fat and weight and your clothes just don’t fit right. Now that I have made you all feel bad about yourself and your newly forced sedentary life style, let me tell you some good news and tell you how we can help.

Here at Keep Glowing Medical Spa we have the Evolve platform by Inmode. This platform has three different attachments that do the three things we all strive for when we go to the gym; tone muscle, burn fat and tighten skin. Let’s dive into each one.

Let’s start with a challenge, I want you to do 400 crunch’s, 3 seconds of contraction and 3 seconds relaxation…oh and I want you to do them with equal force for each rep and in 20 minutes. If you can accomplish this then you could probably stop reading this and go back to setting some type of world record, but for the other 99.8% of you, keep reading.

Our Tone attachment allows us to attach the pads to practically any muscle in the body including the important aesthetic ones; abs, biceps, quads and glutes. The devices delivers electrical muscle stimulation and produce an involuntary muscle contraction. You will feel your muscles contract just like you were working out, some clients even start to sweat. Over time you will see improvement in your muscle tone and there is absolutely no down time.

Our Tite attachment does just what you would guess, Tightens up loose skin. This quick and painless treatment uses radiofrequency to deliver volumetric heat to the skin’s subdermal layer, causing collagen remodeling and tightened appearance of your skin. Multiple areas can be treated at once and this treatment leaves no long lasting marks so there is no downtime.

Finally we have our Trim attachment. A combination of deep tissue heating, radiofrequency energy and vacuum causes reduction of the unsightly appearance of cellulite. This treatment is another non-surgical option to help leave you with a more natural looking you.

We offer packages as well as memberships for all of the above discussed treatments. Best of all, with the risk of COVID still looming, these treatments are minimal contact treatments. Your provider will set you up on the machine and then you will be left comfortably in the room to complete your treatment. Your provider will return when the treatment is complete to disconnect you from the machine.

So why not come in and see us and lets talk about what we can do to help you get back to your pre-COVID body in a safe, non-contact, medically directed manner.

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