Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA), a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), or a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) you may be leaving tax free money on the table.

Depending on your health insurance plan you may have an HSA, FSA or HRA. In these accounts are pre-tax money that you can use for designated healthcare spending. Some of these uses include; purchasing glasses or contacts, paying for medication or medical co-pays, OTC medications in addition to numerous other things. Some of these uses require a prescription or a letter of medical necessity, others may only require you submit a receipt for the purchase of a product. Rules regarding prescriptions and letters of necessity vary from carrier to carrier but all carries and account have one thing in common, they do not allow money to be utilized to cover cosmetics or cosmetic procedures.

While you may not be able to have your botox or fillers covered by your HSA you may be able to get coverage for other treatments provided here at Keep Glowing Medical Spa. Below is a list of treatments and procedures that may qualify for coverage under a HSA/FSA/HRA.

– Acne treatments can be covered with a prescription and/or documentation of medical necessity – Massage or cupping therapy with documentation of medical necessity – Lab testing and testosterone replacement therapy for males – Erectile dysfunction medications – Sunscreen with SPF 45 or greater – Treatment of Rosacea

We cannot guarantee that any plan with cover the above listed items, or any other items, but there is no harm in submitting to your insurance carrier to see if they will reimburse you. Worst case scenario? they deny your claim and do not refund you.

You have seen me mention multiple times above the statement, “documentation of medical necessity.” That means that if a doctor sees a benefit of a treatment to treat a condition that they may cover the treatment. I will say this now and will repeat it if necessary, “I, as the attending physician and medical director at Keep Glowing Medical Spa, refuse to make any falsifications on my documentation in order to try to get treatments to qualify, I will document accurately and truthfully.” Along the same lines, if anyone requests anyone in the practice to falsify their documentation they will be asked to no longer come back to the office for treatment. We hold our integrity and the oath’s we took in high regard then making money or any other benefit. That being said, we will do everything to help our clients that we legally can.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have or schedule you for a consultation to discuss possible options. You can find information regarding all three accounts below and should contact your insurance provider for further clarification regarding your policy.

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