Immune Support

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Your Body’s Defense


our immune system is your body’s defense against millions of germs, bacteria and viruses. Your skin and digestive tract serve as the first line of defense by attempting to block germs from entering the body. If germs get past the first line of defense, your body has specially designed immune cells that circulate your blood stream and lymphatic system looking for and destroying germs, bacteria and viruses.

Many things effect your immune system including stress, diet, age, activity level, and nutritional status. We can help your body by giving it all of the nutrients that it needs to make sure it can do its best to defend you against sickness.


Supercharge your Immune System

  • There are a list of things that you should be doing in your everyday life that will help protect you from getting sick. Some of these things are; getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, avoiding smoking, limiting alcohol intake and maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Even if you do all those things, you still have the chance to get sick. Two common things that people don’t include in their health regiment is the health of their gut and micronutrient levels. We have the ability to check micronutrient levels and, if needed, give it the extra nutrients it needs. We can also help tune up your gut and build that first line of defense.

More than Just Vitamins

  • Our program is more than just giving you a bunch of vitamins. Our goals are to help reduce the chance of you getting a cold, decrease your susceptibility to chronic disease, improve you overall immune system and gut health and decrease inflammation.

  • We want to be proactive and prevent sickness by using natural nutrients and elements and decrease the need for treatment with antibiotics or other medical treatments.

  • While we can’t prevent all infections, cold’s and diseases we can give your body the best chance to fight these off. With a fine-tuned and functioning immune system, if you do happen to catch a cold, it should be much shorter and much more mild.