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Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is the process of using laser light energy to heat and destroy hair follicles, leaving you with less hair growth in the treatment area. Depending on the laser and wavelength used, some treatments can be quite uncomfortable, but our devices allow us to deliver effective hair removal with almost no pain to our clients.


We utilize one of the newest, best and more efficient devices on the market today to treat our clients. With our device we are able to achieve almost complete hair elimination in 3-4 treatments, compared to other devices which take 6-8 treatments. Best of all, our treatment is nearly painless and even allows us to safely treat clients with darker skin types! See the list below for the areas that we can treat, we offer individual treatments, packages, and touch ups.

Keep Glowing Medical Spa

PRP Hair Regeneration


PRP is the process of harvesting the platelet rich plasma (PRP) from your blood. This portion of the blood contains the platelets and all of the important regenerative and healing growth factors. We inject the PRP into the scalp to help increase the blood supply to the hair follicle which can help trigger natural hair growth, increase the thickness & overall appearance of  your hair. When combined with some of our topical therapies clients can obtain thicker, healthier and more hair growth.

Keep Glowing Medical Spa

Medical Hair Regeneration


There are many different reasons for hair thinning and loss, and therefore multiple treatment options. We utilize prescription medications, supplements, peptides and topical agents to help restore & rejuvenate hair. We develop an individualized treatment plan for each person based on their history & what they would like to achieve.

Keep Glowing Medical Spa



Everyone's skin is different and requires different products. Most of the products you can buy at the store do not have a high enough concentration of ingredients to treat and help maintain your skin's health. We can make an individualized plan based on your skin type & concerns, we utilized prescription agents, peptides, and well researched products. These products typically work better, and cost less, then products you can get in the store.


Common skincare goals we address are:


  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Moisturize and hydrate skin

  • Increase elasticity and firmness of skin

  • Reduce pigment or discoloration

  • Decreased redness and inflammation

  • Protect your skin from UV radiation