Hair Removal

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Eliminate Facial and Body Hair

Hair Removal Treatment


We all have hair, we all have to shave in one way shape or form. There’s nothing glamorous about it, it’s just a necessary evil. Luckily we have a treatment that can help you eliminate facial and body hair…..permanently!​ The typical person shaves some portion of their body every one to three days. We deal with razor burn, cuts, bleeding, ingrown hairs and missed patches of hair. Let’s do some math, assuming the average cost of shaving cream and lets say we splurge on the good razors and skip the plastic single blade ones;

Razor handle cost: Estimate we lose/replace the handle once a year = $10/year

Razor cartridge cost: Estimate a 8 pack of cartridges cost  $24, we shave 3-4 times per week and change the cartridge weekly = $156/year

Shaving cream cost: $3 per can and we use a can per month = $36/year

So at minimum, before the cost of water and shaving accessories (like for when we cut ourselves) the average person spends about $200/year on shaving. If we are (un)lucky we will have to shave for 30-40 years of our lives which can add up to $6000 – $8000 just on razors, cartridges and shaving cream. Also don’t forget about the time we waste shaving.

We can offer you a much better option then wasting all that time and money, laser hair removal. In the matter of 6, 15-30 minute sessions we can help you almost eliminate the need for shaving. You may think, well I cant afford that! Let’s do some math again. Depending on the area treated a laser hair removal package costs $480-$1600, or 2-8 years of shaving material.

The procedure is quick, there is minimal pain involved (no more pain then snapping a rubber band on your skin), and unlike other procedures like waxing, you can shave in-between sessions. Best of all, you will see a reduction in the amount of hair after one treatment.

Find out more about our laser hair removal device here or click the schedule now link above to schedule an appointment and get on track to getting rid of your razors for good!