Hair Health and Regeneration

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Can’t Fight Genetics….WRONG!


No one wants their hair to thin, no one wants to lose their hair, so do something to keep your hair healthy before these things happen. Don’t worry, we can help if you already have thinning hair or are losing your hair.

The most up to date research supports a combination of genetics and hormonal factors as the cause for changes in your hair. Genetics are the reason why we see hair loss as a family trait. Any woman who has ever been pregnant or gone through menopause can attest to hormonal changes effecting your hair.

Numerous social studies have proven that there is a correlation between hair and confidence. If your hair is thinning or falling out, it is more likely to negatively affect your confidence than if you had a full head of healthy hair. Pay attention to anyone before they give a speech, address a group, or before they are going to meet someone, one of the last things each of those people will do is check and fix their hair, because having healthy, good-looking hair will help boost their confidence.


It’s Not Just About The Hair


Having healthy hair is more than just having thick, strong hair. You cannot forget your scalp when talking about healthy hair! No one wants to walk around all day brushing skin flakes off their clothes from dandruff. You need to include your scalp in your haircare routine too.

What About Women?

  • While a small number of women do suffer from androgenetic alopecia, like men, this is much less common due to the male and female genetic makeup. The 5-alpha-reductase enzyme is coded for by the X chromosome, females genetically have two X chromosomes so they produce less of this enzyme.

  • Women do still suffer from hair loss and thinning. The most common causes for this in women is stress, underactive thyroid, high blood pressure, and an imbalance in the estrogen: testosterone ratio which occurs after child birth and in menopause.

Multi-Focused Attack Plan

  • As you can tell, there is no simple explanation for hair loss. Therefore, there is no simple answer to hair loss. We take a multi-focused plan to tackle hair thinning and loss. We use a combination of topical medications to help with scalp health, hair thickness and strength. We also attack the problem from inside by helping to balance hormones and to block the receptors that can cause hair loss and thinning.

  • Don’t let yourself fall victim to hair thinning and loss. Don’t blame it on genetics or on your hormones. Step up and do something about it, keep that thick, healthy hair where it belongs, on your head! You’ll be happy you did every time you look in the mirror!