Facial Treatment


Keep Glowing Medical Spa

Hydrating Facial

Our Hydrating facial machine is an excellent relaxing, refreshing treatment that everyone can benefit from. It is a multistep treatment that combines fluid washing and vacuum suction. The machine puts out water mixed with various solutions at high pressure and simultaneously uses vacuum suction. The fluid being introduced at high pressure helps clean deep into the pores, the vacuum suction then removes the debris from the pores. During the various steps we are able to deliver alpha-hydroxy acid solution which removes sebum, or oils, and oxidized impurities deep in the pores, beta-hydroxy acid which deeply penetrates the skin, to dissolve and deoxidize the dead skin to calm acne, redness and other skin concerns, with the final step we delivered hyaluronic acid into the deep layers of this skin, which smooths, adds volume and moisturized the skin.

Keep Glowing Medical Spa

Crystal Infused Hydrating Facial

We have combined forces with the team at SentialGem to bring our clients a new and innovative treatment. We have combined the SentialGem(™) Aquamarine Crystal's cooling, anti-inflammatory and hydrating elements with the skinwave hydrating facial. This treatment is amazing for anyone who suffers from any inflammatory conditions on their face or just wants a natural, healthy feel to their skin.

Keep Glowing Medical Spa

Aesthetician Services

Gina, our amazing aesthetician has brought her years of experience and vast knowledge to our office. She brings her treatment skills, amazing personality, and knowledge of the skin and skin mapping to our clinic. You will not be disappointed with any treatment she provides and she will give you the knowledge and tools to give you amazing skin. She offers a basic facial, acne facial, anti-aging facial & peels.