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Skin Wave Hydrating Facial


Our Hydrating facial machine is an excellent relaxing, refreshing treatment that everyone can benefit from. It is a multistep treatment that combines fluid washing and vacuum suction. The machine puts out water mixed with various solutions at high pressure and simultaneously uses vacuum suction. The fluid being introduced at high pressure helps clean deep into the pores, the vacuum suction then removes the debris from the pores. This treatment is performed in multiple steps:

Step 1: “Awaken”


This involves washing with alpha-hydroxy acid solution which removes sebum, or oils, and oxidized impurities deep in the pores.

Step 2: “Calm”


During this step we use beta-hydroxy acid which deeply penetrates the skin and causes the stratum corneum (or the top layer of the skin) to dissolve and deoxidize the dead skin to calm acne, redness and other skin concerns.

Step 3: Electroporation


We use electroporation combined with red LED light therapy, for collagen formation, blue LED therapy, for destruction of the bacteria that causes acne, or a combination of the two. Electroporation is the introduction of small microcurrents to the skin which causes the opening of extremely thin channels in the skin through the intracellular space lipids. This allows us to deliverer the final solutions deep into the skin.

Step 4: Hydrogen Water


With the small channels in the skin surface now open we can wash the deep layers of the skin. We used hydrogen water to clean out any remaining bacteria or debris in the deep layers of the skin.

Step 5: “Quench”


This final solution is delivered into the deep layers of the skin. It contains hyaluronic acid which smooths, adds volume and moisturized the skin.

Step 6: Lymphatic Drainage


This final step helps us push any excessive fluid or debris into the lymphatic system which will break down and excrete any residual products from the treatment.

Aesthetician Services/Facial


Our experienced aesthetician delivers a variety of facials and services to her clients. She offers the following services:

Basic facial includes a skin analysis, cleansing treatment, steam/hot towel treatment to relax the skin and soften up any blackheads or white heads. The skin is then exfoliated and whiteheads/blackheads are extracted. A face mask can be added on to this treatment as well.

Acne Facial:

 This treatment is focused on the reduction and prevention of acne outbreaks

Anti-aging facial with brightening treatment: 

This treatment will help restore some of the youthful appearance and volume to the face.

Express peel: 

This is an excellent treatment If you are pressed for time but need a little pampering. We can have you in and out of the office in 20 minutes!