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Our Partners


We have partners with some of the best and most innovative companies to offer our clients some of the best products and services available.


Dr. Mike has partnered with Dr. Chuck Morris PhD and the NFL Alumni Performance Lab to introduce some of the most advanced bioidentical hormone replacement therapies and other wellness services to the NFL Alumni and other high performers. The focus of this partnership is to help extend the length and quality of life for athletes and high performers. Dr. Mike is bringing the same science and knowledge to you in order to help improve your quality of life and overall sense of well-being. 

Dr. Mike and his partners at reBorn Skincare Solutions, are developing some of the most advanced skincare products available on the consumer market. They are focused on developing umbilical based stem cell products to help change the skincare industry.

4BPM's mission is to utilize cutting-edge and holistic modalities to help our patients fall in love with their health and wellness by educating and empowering our patients with simplistic explanations of how specific bodily functions occur and how they will feel when they are optimized, providing highly individualized health and wellness solutions, and incorporating psychology to improve patient outcomes.

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MELT Body Contouring is the first and only body contouring franchise. MELT is using the most advanced technology to bring body contouring solutions to everyone. The MELT Body Contouring franchise was developed and is owned by Dr. Mike.

MD360 is a leader in best in class Skin + Body treatments that are clinically proven, socially trending, and safely repeatable. MD360 aims to equip provider's with the very best treatment choice so they can give their client what they desire most; to look and feel their very best. Dr. Mike serves as the medical director for MD360.

Skin By Design has developed a luxurious line of regenerative products using innovative, science-based research and technology. Their Exo-Pro and Cyto-Glo products harness the power of ethically obtained umbilical cord matrix. Dr. Mike has partnered with SBD to help develop the effective regenerative skincare treatments that defy aging in the most natural way.

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Gaspari Ageless is a brand extension of Gaspari Nutrition, founded by bodybuilding legend, Rich Gaspari. Gaspari Ageless is marshaling in the same kind of radical innovation and technology that built the strongest bodybuilding supplement brand on the planet, to build now the strongest anti-aging/longevity brand on the planet. Just take a look at the guy - the brand is called "Ageless" for a reason.