Acne & Acne Scar Treatments

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Laser Treatments

Using the thermal & photobiomodulation properties of our laser we can target, and help reduce, inflammatory and non-inflammatory acne lesions. Clients commonly see a reduction in acne lesions and inflammation within 24 hours of treatment. This can be a much better option than medications which carry side effects. 

Frequently asked questions

How does this treatment work?

This treatment utilized a long wavelength laser which works via a few different methods. The laser heats the skin, pores and acne lesions which kills the bacteria and can help eliminate acne. The laser also heats tissue deep below the surface which causes collagen remodeling & rejuvenation which will help decrease the appearance of deep acne scars.

Does this treatment hurt?

No, this treatment involves gentle, progressive warming of the tissue. It may feel like you are laying in the sun tanning as your skin heats up. There is no pain after the treatment either.

Who can benefit from this treatment?

This is a treatment for anyone who suffers from painful, inflamed cystic acne, to those who have small outbreaks. This treatment is also safe for people with darker skin tones.

When will I see results?

Clients typically see a reduction in inflammation and active lesions within 24 hours. These results continue over the following days. For acne scars, you will see a change in the skin within 2 days after the treatment and these changes will continue.

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Radiofrequency Microneedling

Radiofrequency (RF) microneedling can function to eliminate active acne as well as reduce acne scars. Delivering RF energy up to 4 millimeters under the skin allows us to heat bacteria deep in the sebaceous glands. This leads to elimination of the bacteria in the glands and pores that causes acne. RF energy also allows for stimulation of new collagen formation which can help reduce the appearance of acne scars.

Frequently asked questions

What is radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling?

RF Microneedling is two treatments in one. We use a specially designed, sterile, handpiece to penetrate the top layers of the skin into the dermis and then deliver RF energy to a specifically targeted location/tissue. The heat energy eliminates the bacteria in pore and simultaneously causing skin tightening and rejuvenation eliminating large pores and reducing acne scars.

What should I expect before, during and after this treatment?

Before this treatment you will be given topical anesthetic to apply to the treatment area 30-45 minutes before your treatment. During the treatment you may feel some pressure and heat. Once complete, Aquaphor will be applied to the skin to help protect the open microneedling tracts.

What is the downtime?

You will have some redness and some tiny scabbing after the treatment. The area should be kept clean until the small scabs fall off (24-72hr). You may apply moisturizer 24 hours after treatment and makeup once scabs fall off. You should avoid direct sun exposure, without sunscreen, for 4 weeks after the procedure.

What are the expected results?

You can expect a reduction in the amount of active acne, inflammation and skin rejuvenation

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Plasma Pen

For deep acne scars we can utilize our plasma pen. We will individually treat each acne scar, inducing fibroblasts and collagen rejuvenation, which will help reduce any deep set acne scars that you may have.

Frequently asked questions

What is a CO2 laser?

A CO2 laser is a resurfacing laser which precisely removes deep outer layers of damaged skin and stimulates the regeneration of healthy skin underneath.

What can be treated with a CO2 laser

The CO2 treats fine to moderately deep wrinkles, photo damage, scarring, skin tone, texture, crepiness and laxity.

How much downtime can I expect?

Healing time depends on the depth of treatment. Superficial peels can heal as quickly as 24 hours where aggressive treatments may take up to 3 weeks to heal.

Is this procedure painful?

Superficial treatments carry little to no pain, deeper treatments can be quite painful. We offer topical anesthetic to reduce discomfort if we are performing a deeper peel.

What is a Cool Peel?

The Cool Peel procedure virtually eliminates discomfort associated with standard CO2 laser resurfacing and reduces the downtime to as little as one day.

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Skin Resurfacing

CO2 lasers are one of the best treatments you get for skin resurfacing, evening, and smoothing. Historically CO2 lasers have a bad wrap due to the long downtime, with our Cool Peel CO2 laser treatment we can offer you CO2 Laser Resurfacing results with almost no down time. This treatment gently takes off the first few layers of skin and smooths out any raised lesions.